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Blair D. Howard – Lorena Bobbitt vs John Bobbit – 1993, in Manassas, Virginia – [“Blair Howard is probably among the top five or six criminal defense lawyers in Northern Virginia,” said Henry Hudson, a former U.S. attorney and onetime chief prosecutor for Arlington.]
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Two manslaughter convictions violate double jeopardy

by Matthew Chaney

The Supreme Court of Virginia has ruled that a man convicted of both common law involuntary manslaughter and statutory involuntary manslaughter must have one of the charges vacated.

The dual convictions violate the double jeopardy clause of the Constitution. In making this .finding, the Supreme Court ruled that legislative intent regarding cumulative punishments must be explicit. “There’s a huge body of law on double jeopardy … tons of cases where they permit cumulative punishments rising out of the same misconduct,” said Blair D. Howard, attorney for the defendant. “But the-court said that the legislature has to explicitly authorize this.”

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