Some in Warrenton may say that establishing fault immediately following a car accident should not be a priority. Yet determining liability helps to ensure that if you need additional assistance in covering your accident expenses, you know where to turn for it.

What about those circumstances where fault may not be clear? Many have come to us here at the Law Offices of Howard, Clark & Howard believing that distracted driving played a part in their accident, yet with little apparent evidence to prove it. If you share the same belief, ask yourself this question: did the driver that hit you have fresh stains on their shirt?

The dangers of eating while driving

You (and many others) may not view eating while driving as a distraction (given that it is such a natural action, yet statistics suggest that it is. Indeed, according to information shared through a joint research effort between the Auto Alliance and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, eating while driving can make the chances of an accident 3.6 times more likely. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration emphasizes the dangers of eating behind the wheel even further, reporting that it may be responsible for as many as 80% of all car accidents.

Knowing if one was eating behind the wheel

Eating while driving requires that one take their eyes and attention off the road (as well as their hands off the steering wheel), which is more than enough to make them a danger to you and others. Yet how do you show that they were eating while driving? As was previously mentioned, fresh stains may serve as a strong indicator, as can open food and/or beverage containers in one’s vehicle.

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